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LISTEN: Son Little - "The River" (Tune In Crew Remix)

Our latest Remix, full 70's vibes this time!

Listen to it here and read on for a more in-depth presentation.





There it is! An old yet fresh soul. We composed, played and produced the music/ Lyrics and vocals by Son Little.

Some of the thoughts that went into the making of it:


"The great original song by Son Little, and his own powerful voice, inspired us to dive into influences that have constantly been there for as long as we've been knowing about music.
We've always listened to the rock and pop of the 70's, in all its admirable spirit of diversity and yet, while certainly present, it had never been expressed so directly in one of our creations.

So here we are, with some good old bluesy guitars, an open window to the Caribbean, tickling latin percussions and more, played by our hands as usual! Still, the mark of modernity has its own defined space within the song too.

Indeed, an idea central to our ethics is to focus on reviving the soul of precious oldies, brought in the present without it being a copy, a repetition only made of nostalgia.
We firmly believe this is how a tribute can respectfully carry over the integrity and vivacity of the sources, fulfilling the promise of a cultural passing on to each generation responsible of inventing its renewal.

We feel Son Little keeps that perspective with smart balance, and remixing his song became a way to support this engagement while also bringing our own in taking the bet that "renewed retro" can be thought in many different, co-existing forms relevant today."

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