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Hi folks, the year opens up with the unveiling of our ongoing collaboration with singer MATISYAHU.
He took the opportunity to stop by our studio in Strasbourg while on a European tour last summer, and together we came up with several great songs, which he wrote while listening to us playing and composing in an enthusiastic, focused atmosphere.
The meeting of cultures was among the driving ideas, and we indeed have some surprising music, imbued with very diverse influences, to let you hear in the times ahead.

Today we invite you for a preview of the first song called "Crash Landings". Here is a 1min30 extract to listen online now:

The full song is currently available for download exclusively on platform Dreampatron , it is a new fan club of sort, basically a subscription system giving access to yet-unreleased songs for download (there are already a bunch available) as well as other content and goodies. If you are an aficionado of Matisyahu's music we definitely recommend checking out.

This creative relationship dates back to his album "Spark seeker", when we produced remixes of the 2 hit singles "Sunshine" and "Live like a warrior". Both remixes are available for download on the Dreampatron page too.

Stay tuned for more songs coming soon!

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